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SBI and PU Sandwich Panels

SBI is established to be a sound and effective test. APIP´ÑA and IPUR bring together the top Spanish laboratories to analyze the test methods for fire behaviour in construction materials.

SBI and the ignitability test are the best methods for testing and classifying the fire behaviour of sandwich panels, and have helped the industry improve its products and provide greater safety to users. This is the main conclusion of the workshop on “SBI and polyurethane sandwich panels” held on February 15th in Barcelona, an event organized by APIP´ÑA (the Spanish Association of Polyurethane Foam Panel Manufacturers) and IPUR (the Spanish Rigid Polyurethane Industry Association), at which the efficacy of these test methods was exhaustively discussed.

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An industry professional such as Pablo Garmendia, representative of the CIDEMCO – TECNALIA laboratory, said that “SBI gives us a new starting point. We believe that sandwich panels are a product that has come a long way, offering many more guarantees.” And Antonio Galán spokesperson of the AFITI LICOF laboratory, urged the polyurethane sandwich panel industry to “seek to publicize the advantages of this product over others that cannot achieve the classifications that yours is achieving, and which are often practically comparable to fireproof products.”

Moreover the added value of this test method is that it analyzes not just the material itself but also how it is fitted, its layout, the way it is installed and fastened and its end use. All this results in greater safety thanks to the Euroclass classification, as highlighted by Salvador Suñol, representative of the APPLUS laboratory, and also by Jordi Ferri of AITEX, who added that using the full contents of the test and classification report is an issue that needs to be addressed by the authorities. Another major advantage of the SBI method stressed by test laboratory representatives is the harmonization with other EU countries that it represents. The new regulatory framework offers positive advantages both to users, who can objectively compare various products, and to manufacturers, for with this single and mandatory test and classification method for all of the EU it is no longer necessary to make a different test in each country.


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